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I’m The Poor Banker, a council estate kid who snuck through the back door into the corporate finance party. From the block to the boardroom, tracksuits to tailors, kebabs to caviar… Okay so that last bit isn’t quite true, kebab always beats caviar. The point is, its lent some pretty interesting perspective, being able to look at things from both sides of the coin, living on both sides of the fence.

You’re probably thinking at this stage “Cool story bro. Good for you. Woop-ti-do. Now how does this help me?” Good question, I was getting to that.

Class and social barriers have confined thoughtful, often insightful perspectives to a block of flats or over champagne glasses. The reality is they’d be much more powerful if they were shared. Conversation and cognisance, we could all do with a bit more of it. This website is my way of doing it. Sharing my experiences and building bridges between the two worlds I’m part of. Also money is complicated man, I realised I didn’t know anything about managing my finances before managing other people’s (madness I know). This website will also aim to fix that if you have a similar issue

Happy Reading!

The Poor Banker


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